Correction 1 (Concept Development / M1 Abrams)
Video | 15:48 min | 2014

The video Correction 1 (Concept Development / M1 Abrams) from the work group Correction shows how a ProBuilder model of the Canadian children’s toys company Mega Bloks dismantled into its individual parts and is piled into a heap of bricks. These are the replica of the American battle tank M1 Abrams. The resulted heap stands symbolically for a new beginning, a change in thinking and the question after the possibilities of the use of resources. The additional title of the work (Concept Development & Experimentation) leads on an essential core element of military transformation processes. This should work out possible approaches for the adaptation and improvement of the abilities of armed forces in view of the security-political challenges of the 21st century in the form of plans which are tested then in experiments.


Exhibition views © Antje Schaper, Paul Altmann