missing movement
Film | 10:27 min | 2015

The work Missing Movement shows 35 single sequences on a split screen. The sound of the sequences become concurrent and are overlaid returned.

The single sequences are recordings of the online computer game America’s Army. An Ego-Shooter, that was developed of the United States Army in 2002 and is published free of charge. It is the first computer game of the US army, which is not for training purposes, but for advertisement and recruitment and is used to provide a positive image of the US army.

The aim of my activity with this game was to generate an action, which avoids the real game idea. The sequences point quiet camera pictures from the first-person view. The final pictures are presented detached by the play course. The failure is an essential component of the performativen discussion, because the passiveness of my play figure in most cases entails the death.


Exhibition views © Paul Altmann